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Crafting Your Social Media Strategy

Please read or watch the first two parts of our social media course before crafting your social media strategy. The first two parts are to get you comfortable with posting and how to generate viral content. Once you are familiar with promoting and creating content where your audience is engaged, we can start developing your branding and strategy. Some disagree with this method, but this is what worked for us. We always recommend seeking other sources when creating your social media strategy. 

Select One Channel (Unless you are a marketing agency)

Focus on one social media platform. Posting and focusing on one platform you can create enough content to compete with other businesses. Using the previous strategy of posting up to 50 times weekly, you can catch up to your competitors before you know it.

How many pieces of content does it take to be famous?

Let's look at what theplumberlorian is doing on his account (taken on 2/26/24). We selected the first search result for plumber, which has under 1,000 posts. You can create an account like this within five months if you create 50 pieces of content a week. The reels posted on this channel are just videos of plumbing with either music or ASMR. The bar for creating content is so low that if you just apply creativity, you can scale your marketing quickly.

Create Your Content Calendar

Now that you have been posting for 2-3 weeks, it is time to start having a calendar of ideas. A content calendar will help you keep track of your ideas and when you want to post them. Creating content without a content calendar doesn’t fit your theme, brand, or consistency. Creating the content calendar should be planned along with recording the videos ahead of time if possible. Use this as a buffer for creating content creating a catalog of content to display on day one.

The content calendar also gives you a sense of urgency for posting content. Having urgency to post will cause you to upload more content than you can imagine. Lastly, the content calendar can help you build a story for your content to give you the extra advantage rather than just following other trends.

Take a Look At Your Metrics

You should only start looking at metrics after you have posted consistently for at least 2-3 weeks to get an accurate understanding of your audience. Find your top 5 best-performing content pieces and the five worst-performing. Here are a few things you can look at to help your video performance.

Most Active Times For Followers

During different days of the week, your most active times for followers can change. Our audience is the most active between 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Monday-Thursday, but on Friday, it changes to 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM. This difference can be huge when dealing with your audience. 

Looking through your metrics can be compared to finding a diamond. Sunday is our best day to post multiple times as our audience is active from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, totaling 12 hours where our users are active. Imagine if we skipped posting on Sunday. Missing that day can skew views on our content for the entire month. Schedule your content on your content calendar when your audience is most active.

Comments and Direct Messages Are Your Best Friend

Content creators focus on likes and views. However, we focus our attention on direct messages and comments. We do this for two reasons. A comment or direct message is an engaged lead. Your focus and attention should be on engaging with leads on comments and direct messages. Both of these can be automated. 

Having someone comment on a specific phrase you select, you can automatically send them a direct message with a chatbot like Manychat. Doing so will automatically send a direct message to your viewer who comments on your post. Use this strategy as an effective way to guide your audience to the content they need instead of showing it through your bio.

Compare A/B Test Content Variations

Create two versions of a video and change only one variable. Select either an intro, captions, hashtags, or call-to-actions. Remember to change one thing and keep everything else consistent. The A/B comparison will show you what the platform is looking for when you are creating content. Split-testing your videos and making one small change can dramatically increase the coverage you receive on your post.


  • Select one channel: You aren’t ready to handle multiple channels. Stick to one and understand how the platform works before jumping on other channels.

  • Create your content calendar to plan your content: Creating your calendar will help you get your ideas in order and create consistency within your posts while formulating a story that you can tell rather than trends.

  • Take a look at your metrics: Metrics help a lot, and if you post when your followers are most active, set up effective ways for you to communicate with your followers, and test your different ideas for your social media, you are already better than 90% of the creators out there.

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