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Landing Pages

Your landing page is the second most vital area after your original hook with your paid ad. A landing page should continue the same theme as your ad. The small window of opportunity for a customer to convert is only a few seconds. Make it easy for your potential customers to become an actual customer with little to no effort.

The highest-converting landing pages are simple, so let's start the second part of our paid ads course, landing pages.

Reiterate Your Value Proposition

Ensure the hook you used to entice the potential engaged lead remains in the header. Eight out of ten people will read your headlines, but only two out of 10 will read the rest of your landing page. Keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Having run-on sentences in your landpages can reduce your engagement multiplefold.

For example, “I will help you generate 10 fabulous leads that will convert for your company within 10 days without you needing to do anything or your money back.”

While this proposition may sound good, most people aren’t reading this long a sentence. Let’s give another example of something slightly better.

“10 Leads in 10 Days or Your Money Back.” 

This example is short, sweet, and to the point. An ad title like this resonates with almost any business. The only thing it's missing is directing the title to a specific person. The goal of a landing page isn’t to convert everyone into a customer. The landing page is supposed to target your perfect customer while throwing the rest out. You can choose plumbers, dentists, moms with two cats, etc. We can alter the ad now to target a customer you may want.

“Coney Island Dentists, Receive 10 Patients or Your Money Back.”

While the previous example can target multiple businesses by targeting a specific niche within a targeted area you can get better results with a smaller audience. We do this by building lookalike audiences later in the course. 

Pro Tip

With lookalike audiences, we can scrape data from other websites for dentists in the Coney Island area. By doing this, we build up our list of 150 dentists within the area. We can create lookalike audiences for Williamsburg, Bay Ridge, and Flatbush Dentists. 

Focus your messaging on “doctors” (your niche) in their specific location. Doing so helps your customer resonate with the ad. Let’s continue with the example of Dentists that are within an area. Imagine if your paid Bayridge Dentists ads convert more than Flatbush Dentists ads. If you weren’t targeting the smaller areas within Brooklyn and you just targeted the borough, you would be missing out on valuable insights for your audience.

A Visual That Confirms The Value Proposition

With your value proposition stated, we need to confirm the value with something visual. Either an image or video that creates a visual focus that grabs attention. If you are working with text ads, you will find that the conversion rates aren’t as great without a visual focus. Visuals can break up the content to make it more digestible for your audience. To increase conversions, have one image near the top to visually confirm the value proposition.

A Clear Call To Action

A clear call to action can be anything from a button to sign up with an email, a form collecting information, listing a phone number, etc. With such a small window of action from the potential customer, you want to avoid giving them too many CTA’s.

Extra Information on Landing Pages

If your offer isn’t enticing enough, you should include more information or use different techniques to make a potential customer into an actual one. Test your ads with some of the following.

  • Bullet points highlighting your product or service

  • Guarantees (30-60 day money back guarantee)

When you create bullet points, it will show visual contrast. Target specific words that should stand out on the page and put them in bullet points. With guarantees, the customer has a sense of ease when purchasing your product or service since they can have their money back if things go wrong.

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