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Square Space Design

How it works

How it works

Square Space Design Services

Addzey gives you an edge when using a Squarespace template. With our dedicated graphic designers, UI and UX specialists along with best in class web designers will design your Squarespace website for you. 

We don't stop at the designing phase our content writers create articles that are built for conversions. Every article is created with SEO at the forefront. Give your business the headstart it needs.

Our Types of Square Space Websites: ​

Tier 1: This tier is a one-of-a-kind square space website. We research and develop your website to stand out from your competitors. Each one goes through hours of strategic and thoughtful planning and multiple designers collaborating to give you a world-class square space website.


Tier 2: This tier is for someone that wants to have a little more than just a basic square space website. This option is perfect for those who want additional flair and will pop out with splashes of color that tell a story.

Tier 3:  This tier is for people that want a high-quality square space website generated quickly and efficiently. This option is minimalistic and eye-catching to get the job done.

Product Description:

With Addzey, custom designs for Square Space websites are designed with business owners in mind. We create modern, sleek, responsive websites at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you'll get hands-on customer service from an experienced designer to help you every step of the way.

- Responsive web design specific to your brand and goals
- Responsive product photography to boost eCommerce sales
- Custom content creation optimized for SEO 
- User-friendly guides on how to make changes and updates
- Real time analytics integrated into your website


- Fully customized website tailored to your individual needs 
- High quality visuals created quickly and efficiently 
- Stay ahead of the competition with SEO optimized content  
- Lower costs with no coding needed 
- Spend less time managing your website and more time working on other aspects of your business

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