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Newsletter Design

How it works

How it works

Newsletter Design Services

At addzey we want to spread your message out to the world. Our skilled team of graphic designers and ux specialists provide your business with design solutions that are tailored to your requirements. 

With an innovative approach to design, we create original campaigns that appeal to global clientele.

Addzey offers the perfect combination of layout, graphics, color theory ausing your brand kit to attract readers and convert them to clients. Maximize your open rate today.

Our Types of Newsletters: ​

Tier 1: This tier is a newsletter made for conversion. We research and develop a newsletter that stands out from your competitors. Each one goes through hours of strategic and thoughtful planning and multiple designers collaborating to give you a newsletter of uncompromising quality.


Tier 2: This tier is for someone that wants to have a little more than just a basic newsletter. This option is perfect for those who want additional flair and will pop out with splashes of color that tell a story.

Tier 3:  This tier is for people that want a high-quality newsletter generated quickly and efficiently. This option is minimalistic and eye-catching to get the job done.

Why Choose Addzey For Your Newsletters?

Resonate with your customers by opting to have us design your highly customizable newsletters. With our fantastic design team, we can create a visually compelling newsletter designed to target different demographics or industries. We also make sure that all newsletters are created for mobile-friendly version, so you don't have to worry about readers not being able to read it on their phones. 

- Highly Customizable Designs
- Affordable Price Points 
- Ready To Use Newsletter Templates 


- Reach More Customers and Engage With Them On A Personal Level 
- Increase Brand Recall By Creating a Unique Identity Through Our Visuals 
- Connect With Your Audience On Multiple Platforms for Maximum Reach

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