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Icon Design

How it works

How it works

Icon Design Services

At addzey we believe that your icon separates you from your competition. It is the first glance that sparks interest in the quality of the services you provide.

We design an icon that conveys your message. We are known for offering hundreds of designs and designers that will achieve an one of a kind icon that can be used on any device.

Our icon masters are aware of the latest trends, designs, branding, color theory and analysis that will allow your audience to click on first sight.

Our Types of Icons: ​

Tier 1: This tier is a one-of-a-kind icon. We research and develop a set of icons that stands out from your competitors. Each one goes through hours of strategic and thoughtful planning and multiple designers collaborating to give you a world-class icon set.


Tier 2: This tier is for someone that wants to have a little more than just an icon. This option is perfect for those who want additional flair and will pop out with splashes of color that tell a story.

Tier 3:  This tier is for people that want a high-quality icon generated quickly and efficiently. This option is minimalistic and eye-catching to get the job done.

Product Description:


Addzey is a full service design agency specializing in creating innovative and unique icon sets to make your app stand out. Additionally, our team of experienced designers will create icons fit to the guidelines of Google and Apple stores ensuring an easy upload process.

- Professional custom designs based on your needs and product specifications
- Colorful sets tailored to the specifications of both Google and Apple Store 
- Comprehensive vector format (.svg) that ensures smooth image resolution across all devices


- Attract more users with attractive, unique icons that represent your product 
- Guaranteed compliance with both Google and Apple store requirements 
- Professional advice from our team of experienced designers available during the whole creative process

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