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Email Marketing Design

How it works

How it works

Email Marketing Design Services

Email marketing is used to promote your products and services, or just to inform your customers about updates on your company and the products that you are offering. 


We'll help you get the most out of your email campaigns to deliver industry-leading support, guidance, and design that drives results.


By having an email that is enticing to look at, the recipient will spend the time to read your message. Viewing an email that is purely text diminishes the product and service that you may be offering. Our email marketing design package helps ensure that when someone opens your email, they will read it.

Our Types of Email Designs: ​

Tier 1: In this tier we create multiple email marketing designs to fit your niche. We research, develop and test different types of designs to stand out from your competitors. 


Tier 2: This tier is for someone that wants to have a little more than just basic email marketing services. This option is perfect for those who want additional flair and will pop out with splashes of color that tell a story.

Tier 3:  This tier is for people that want a high-quality email marketing design services generated quickly and efficiently. This option is minimalistic and eye-catching to get the job done.

Product Description:


Addzey offers the most professional and effective email marketing designs to help your company reach its target audience. We create custom designs to fit your brand's visual style, including interactive and eye-catching email content that stands out in any inbox.

- Customized design: Our team of experts crafts creative emails tailored to your business goals 
- Email automation: Enjoy increased customer engagement with automated emails sent at the optimal time and frequency 
- Cross-browser compatible: Our projects are tested across multiple browsers for compatibility with all major platforms.  


- Boost customer and client engagement with attractive promotional emails 
- Save time and resources by automating tasks with automated email campaigns 
- Reach the widest possible audience with a more professional, visually appealing email experience

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